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  • The objective of the MOONGROVE website content is to give information on the activities, products and services of MONGROOVE and the offer and service rendered of same in accordance with its terms and conditions in order to best serve our clients.
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  • The products and services which MOONGROOVE offers in this site may be solicited and/or contracted online by clients via a secure system of passwords and codes facilitated by MOONGROOVE.
  • MOONGROOVE guarantees the electronic confidentiality of all personal data facilitated by the users and the electronic processing of same in accordance with legislation on personal date protection:  the Law on Data Protection and Personal Privacy.



  • MOONGROOVE guarantees full compliance with the Law on Personal Data Protection, and in accordance with Spanish Ley Orgánica 15/1999, the client or user is therefore informed and agrees to the incorporation and electronic processing of this data within the Company’s electronic data bank, including such data as may be available as a consequence of the user’s navigation of this website, for the purposes of sending business and product communication, for the correct maintenance of the contractual and business relationship  and in order to personalize our economic proposals with the appropriate price models, and with the guarantee of the client right of access to the criteria and programs in use.  The recipients of such data shall be the commercial and technical staff of MOONGROOVE.
  • The client or user has the right to object to the use of any such data which is not necessary to the contractual agreement and to its use for any purpose other than maintenance of same, but responses to questions which may arise not in relation to the contractual agreement shall be optional.
  • The client or user shall be equally informed about access options, corrections, cancellations and refusals according to current legislation through use of MOONGROOVE channels of communication:  by telephone to customer service [+34 609 362 915], via email [info@moongroove.com] or through the mode of communication normally used by MOONGROOVE.
  • The  client or user accepts that his or her data may be used exclusively for the objectives stated in the first paragraph, as well as that MOONGROOVE or Mr. Joe G. Lewis [NIF 43697785-Q] has the right to transmit to such client or user information on the goods and services on offer.  The client or user acceptance of data use as set forth in this paragraph is revocable, though not retroactive, in accordance with articles 6 and 11 of  Spanish Law 15/1999 of  13 December.